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Paint Fun Studio

Paint Fun Studio’s owner, Nilufar Rahman, is an artist. She was exposed to the arts as a youngster, growing up with a father who was a creative writer. Because of her passion for being innovative, painting became her job. She graduated with honors from the Masson Gross School of the Arts with a BFA and an MFA. She has shown her work all around the globe since then, including in the United States, Bangladesh, India, and Russia.

She wanted to share her gift with the community and began teaching painting courses twenty years ago. Since then, she has taught art to many pupils of all ages in Central New Jersey, ranging from pre-K to elderly citizens. Many of her former pupils are now studying art in college; some have graduated and worked as graphic designers, architects, or art instructors. Others pursue art as a passion and continue to polish their abilities.

She enjoys sharing the pleasure of painting with others, so she just created the “Paint Fun Studio.” Pablo Picasso once stated, “All children are artists.” The issue is how he will continue to be an artist as he gets older. As we get older, we become more rigid and lose a lot of our magical touch in life. She delights in reawakening the artist in those stiff souls, causing them to fall in love with creating art again! Everyone who enters her workshop is filled with the vibrant colors of dreams; no one leaves with an empty heart or canvas! She is confident that you will have a great time at the “Paint Fun Studio.” Bring your favorite drink and snacks with you! They make everyone feel at ease, allowing them to relax, have fun, enjoy themselves, paint, and proudly take home their masterpiece! Birthday parties, art camps, and painting workshops for kids are fantastic! She enjoys her job, and “the only way to produce outstanding work is to like it!”

There are currently two sites for Paint Fun Studio. Somerset and Hillsborough are two towns in New Jersey. They teach art and arrange exclusive art parties! They provide instruction in a variety of mediums and styles. Their art classes are available to everyone aged four and up and adults. Their purpose is to help children develop their creative instincts. They begin by teaching children all of the fundamentals of art. Then, they are ecstatic to be able to paint and work with youngsters! Among the media they teach are pencil sketching, pastels, shading, oil pastels, charcoal, marker pens, calligraphy, watercolor, acrylic painting, and oil painting. The genres taught are still life, landscape, human figures, animals and birds, portraits, realistic, abstract, decorative art, and crafts of interest. They also teach adults art. When you visit their studio, you will learn how to draw and paint according to your needs and hobbies.

This is a party that no one will forget, whether it’s a birthday celebration, girls’ night out, bachelorette party, bridal shower, baby shower, corporate events, employee recognition, team building, fundraisers, or simply a fun night out with friends! So relax and let Paint Fun Studio handle everything!

The Paint Fun Studio is the perfect place for your next paint party!

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