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Somerset County 5 Great Family Restaurants

Luca’s Ristorante | Traditional Italian Cuisine

This restaurant is a great choice if you have taste for the Italian cuisine that pretty much defines comfort food. Luca’s Ristorante was voted Best Italian Restaurant in Central New Jersey in 2014 for good reason! Who doesn’t want to feast on traditional Italian dishes like fried calamari, chicken parmigiana and more. The owner, Andrea Di Meglo, cooks with passion inspire by his Italian heritage. The dishes served here are unique and delicious, and there is certainly something for everyone to enjoy! Some other foodie favorites are Lobster Canneloni, Gnocchi Genovese, Shrimp Nuovi and Eggplant Rollatini. Customers rave that the food is consistently high quality and some go so far to say that it’s the best Italian food they’ve ever had. 

Hoysala Restaurant | Exotic Cuisine

Mmm, a taste of the Oriental! Perhaps it’s time to go farther out of our comfort zone than pizza and burgers. A meal at the Hoysala Restaurant in Somerset County should really widen your horizon. Try a dish you’ve never tasted, like Chicken Chettinadu that boasts mouth-watering flavors of cumin. Choose from buffets and an a-la-carte dinner menu. If great Indian food is something you’ve been missing, Hoysala Restaurant should be your next stop. Customers are awed at the expanse of the buffet! 

Stage House Tavern | American Cuisine

Want a taste of good old American Cuisine? You and the family will have a great time at this moderately priced restaurant featuring delicious classics like mac and cheese, prime rib, cobb salad, a California burger and indulgent loaded nachos. This restaurant also serves pizza and some great entrees. You’ll also enjoy the great scenery and décor. Outdoor seating can hold up to 700, which shows in itself how many people enjoy coming here. The restaurant first opened in 2011 and it’s still going strong. The outdoor landscaping is wonderful!

Hong Kong Garden | Chinese Cuisine

Hong Kong Garden is a great restaurant that serves delicious Chinese food. No problem when it comes to serving a crowd. Hong Kong Garden has the classic offerings of American Chinese restaurants with quality. Call them up for a round of takeout for the whole family. Be smart when traversing the menu – items highlighted in red indicate that something is spicy hot! With the trademark huge selection of dishes, there’s sure to be something that everyone can enjoy. If you have a craving for Chinese that just needs to be quenched, this is a great option that won’t break the bank.

Thai Lanna | Thai Cuisine

Our list is rounded out by yet another cuisine hailing from another part of the world – this time it’s Thai! Thai Lanna is a favorite among locals because of its authentic Thai cuisine and great tasting food. Customers like the refreshing iced tea and some menu favorites are pad Thai, drunken noodles and the red curry. Customers rave over accommodating service and food that keeps you coming back. This should be your choice for Thai food in Somerset County, New Jersey!

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