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Somerset County Bernards Township

Bernards Township, New Jersey is a town in Summerset County, NJ.


As of 2010, there is a population of 26, 652 people. A lot of people, I know. The question is what type of people make up this population. Well, I can tell you for sure that it is most good people as the crime rates are very low and the schools are actually pretty good! What is the demographic though? Well, around 21,809 of the people there are of a light skin tone, 504 are dark skinned. Twenty are Native American, and there are 3,679 Asians. The list goes on about the different people, but now, let’s talk about age.

Families seem to come in small bundles here as the average family size was around three people. There are mostly houses with children under the age of eighteen and the smallest part of the population was someone living alone who was sixty five years or older. Another interesting fact is that there were more females then males walking around.


The overall grades for Bernard’s Township when it comes to schools are actually pretty high. It seems as if the schools are very good in this town and that is great! So many schools nowadays are just… terrible. So knowing that your children will be safe, happy, and will be doing well in school is a huge relief off of any parents back! 

Safe For Families?

Bernards Township is an absolutely wonderful place in Summerset county to live with your family and it is quite safe too! There may not be loads to do in this kind of town, but if you have a car, then you will easily be able to head over to some neighboring towns and enjoy some fun. I would prefer to live in a neighborhood where I am not scared instead of one that has great nightlife but leaves me concerned!

Cost Of Living

I suppose because of the wonderful schools and the safety that you feel living here, something has to give in terms of price. That is why when it comes to the cost of living for Bernards Township… it is a bit on the pricy side. I mean, the median rent is $2,047! If money is not something that you are concerned about and safety is the biggest issue, this is a perfect place for you and your family!

A Major Downfall?

As I have mentioned before, there really is not much to do around here… like, nothing. There are a few restaurants, real estate agencies, and doctors’ offices but… yeah. If you are looking to live somewhere where there is a little more action happening, how about settling in a nearby town and not Bernards Township.

Overall, I believe that this town is a wonderful place if you do not mind having to drive around to any entertainment you want to experience. Knowing that your children are safe and that you are safe I believe is more important than anything else!

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