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Somerset County Best Slice of Pizza

The Piazza Orsillo

The Piazzo Orsillo, located in Somerset County, is restaurant that serves great pizza and other Italian favorites. Damiano Orsillo opened his location in Somerset back in 2005, and the restaurant is still going strong today. One of the reasons why people keep coming back to the Piazzo Orsillo is for the food made from family recipes Damiano brought over from Italy. The Piazza Orsillo keeps to its tradition of simple, delicious dishes made well.

There aren’t many choices for pizza in Somerset. But that doesn’t mean that the craving doesn’t come! If pizza is what you want, pizza is definitely what you’ll get. You’ll also get great service and in general an awesome experience. This restaurant not only serves pizza, but subs, pasta and other yummy choices that are made fresh daily. Just the thought of that delicious food being served to the pizza poverished population of Somerset fills me with joy!

The Pizza

Many people say that Orsillo’s Grandma Pie is the best they’ve ever had. It’s a simple pizza that Orsillo calls its signature, a pizza topped with marinara, mozzarella, garlic and oil. When you go simple in th food world it’s got to deliver, and the Grandma Pizza does just that. It helps that the staff make their dough ad sauce in house and fresh. Doesn’t that just sound amazing?  But there are other kinds of pizza to get your palate popping. Orsillo’s gourmet pizza choices include a Meat Lover’s Pizza, a Veggie Lover Pizza, and a Chicken Parm Pizza. Every pizza is named after a person… I guess you’ll just have to ask Damiano who they are!

Other Delicious Menu Items

The pizza isn’t the only showstopper on the menu. Orsillo’s offers cold and hot appetizers, salads, pasta, chicken, veal, seafood, sausage, meatballs, and baked offerings. Everything on the menu offers that signature Italian flair and great taste. There is a kids menu too, but don’t expect to get any chicken fingers here! If Daddy and Mommy are eating Italian, the kids are eating Italian too. But with choices like a personal pizza and spaghetti with meatballs, we’re sure the kids won’t complain. Parents won’t complain either with kid’s meals costing a fair $6.49 a pop. A homemade dessert is a perfect way to finish off a meal here, so don’t forget to try the cannoli!

Catering Services

Orsillo offers an extensive catering menu that is easy to peruse and understand. The prices, the content of the dishes and the number of people the dish will serve is easy to read and understand. You’ll find some classic Italian favorites as well as some offerings you may not be familiar with but ones you’ll definitely want to try. Next time you have an event that you need food for, why not call up Piazzo Orsillo’s for some Shrimp Francese to serve 20?

Customers really like the food at the Piazzo Orsillo, and they keep coming back for more. Why not give yourself a chance at becoming a recurring customer?

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