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Somerset County Education

Somerset County encourages personal and professional development. Surrounded by world class research institutions like Rutgers University and Princeton University, Somerset County is the place to nurture connections and grasp academic opportunities for higher learning at all ages. We’re quite the educated bunch up here. Almost thirty percent of our residents have a Bachelor’s Degree, and nearly twenty five percent possess a professional degree or graduate certification. If that sort of thing is important to you, than Somerset County is an impressive example.

Raritan Valley Community College

Raritan Valley Community College serves eight thousand individual students each semester! There are transfer agreements spanning over eighty colleges and universities. There are also agreements in place with dual admission to twelve other colleges, ensuring that students have the opportunity to make the most of their four years.

Raritan Community College has a Science, Arts, and Exam Prep program that helps children aged 5 – 17 develop their physical and mental abilities. Kids are free to do activities ranging from designing a robot, to designing a website, or preparing for a standardized test. The college offers a fun and nurturing environment for your kids to blossom in. There are courses throughout the school year, as well as courses during summer break. Visit their website for more information about available courses that you can enroll your child in.

If you want that edge that will help you survive in the corporate business world, look no further than Raritan Valley Community College. There are many courses you can choose from  to enhance your abilities or improve your attraction to companies like business courses and computer language courses. If you want to advance your career and take that next step we’re sure that there is a course you can take to meet that goal. Make yourself more marketable with professional certifications provided by RVCC, and land the dream job you’ve been wanting.

Raritan Valley Community College here in Somerset, NJ gives their students access to the cream of the crop of academic research at private and public higher learning institutions. If you have an idea and you need access to treasure troves of academic knowledge at some of America’s top learning institutions, Raritan Valley Community College has got you covered. With connections to Rutgers and Princeton Universities, you’ll be able to interface with many different minds and come up with ideas that you may never have been able to formulate on your own.

Somerset County Public Schools

The total enrollment of public schools in Somerset County is 2,820 students, with most of them attending Washington Academy and High School, at 604 students enrolled. Although this is a rather small number, the educational system in Somerset is well run and serves the community in the best way. There are a total of ten schools in Somerset County, including the J.M. Tawes Technology and Career Center, which has a a branch of robotics learning. Overall, Somerset County has a small but vibrant community that benefits greatly from its educational system and the institutions nearby.

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