famous residents in somerset county new jersey

Somerset County Famous Residents

Not many people considered notable come from Somerset County particularly, but considering how segmented New Jersey is as a state, I see no fault in covering notable folks from a very close and almost synonymous neighbor, Somerville.

Robert Arthur Bruce | Cardiologist

Robert Bruce was a cardiologist and professor at the University of Washington. He was called the father of exercise cardiology for his development of The Bruce Protocol, the first standardized protocol that could monitor and track cardiac function in people while they were exercising. Ways of cardiac assessment during exercise before then was not reliable and inadequate when trying to determine respiratory function during exercise of various strain levels. We have a lot to thank Mr. Bruce for with his contributions to the medical field! He lived from 1916 – 2004.

Micheal Everett Capuano | Politician

Mike Capuano has quite an extensive and illustrious career. Well, he’s worked very hard! Capuano served as a U.S Representative from Massachusetts from 1999 – 2019. Before he was elected to Congress, Mike served as Mayor of Somerville and an Alderman. Capuano is a public affairs director for the law firm Foley & Lardner. He also teaches Boston University’s Initiative On Cities. Somerville has shown their appreciation – they named a school after him!

Henry Kimball Hadley | Composer & Conductor

Hadley was a well-known composer of his time. His compositions were very popular in America as well as in Europe. Conductors played his music in many different cities. Hadley worked many different positions in his musical career. He was a musical instructor at a school for boys, a violinist with an opera company, and he was the conductor of the Settle Symphony and the San Francisco Symphony. He conducted his own opera at the Metropolitan Opera, and he was the first American composer to do so – quite a feat! Henry Hadley was a very published and performed composer in his day. He lived from 1871 – 1937.

Howie Long | NFL Champion and Sports Analyst

Howie Long played in the NFL for thirteen season with only one team – the Raiders. Long was named to eight Pro Bowls and became a Super Bowl Champion in 1984. He was inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame back in 2000. Today he’s still in the business of the ol’ sheepskin – he’s been a long-time NFL sports analyst and he still is one today. It’s truly inspiring to see those who work hard give their all to whatever they’re put to do in life. Fun fact, all of his sons work in the NFL too!

Archibald Query | Confectioner

We have a lot to thank Mr. Query for. He was the man who created marshmallow fluff. Seriously! He actually invented it in his kitchen, and started by selling it door to door. Sadly, crunched with shortages and pressures of the first World War, Archibald sold his marshmallow formula to two partner candy makers. Still, Mr. Query lived to the old again of ninety, and I hope he enjoyed a happy life.

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