hiking and biking in somerset county new jersey

Somerset County Hiking and Biking

Hiking and Biking in Somerset County Parks!

If you love the riding through the great outdoors on your mountain bike, if you love walking around and bumping into spider webs, or if you love doing both, then you definitely need to come to Somerset County and enjoy our County Parks!

Hiking in Somerset

Okay, this definitely not pack a bag full of flea and tick and head off into the dark, dense forest kind of hiking. This is lovely, gentle, nature hiking through breathtaking, well maintained parks of Somerset County. If this is not your thing and you need a little more danger to have a good hike… Well, I don’t know where to suggest, just please be careful! I am the type of person that says the word ‘nature’ in a semi sarcastic, semi horrified tone of voice. So, if you want your first gentle but interesting toe dip into nature, these are wonderful trails to walk along with friends, family, or alone. You do not need to worry about crazy bugs hopping on you, or even getting lost, as long as you follow the trails. Whether it is just to take a break from the constant hustle bustle or if you want to jog for health while still enjoying gorgeous views, this is the place for you! A few park suggestions I have are the Washington Valley Park where you can do some hawk watching or visit the parks reservoir, and the Sourland Mountain preserve where you can do some horseback riding and bird watching!

Biking in Somerset

Whether you are a new biker or someone who has been at it for years, the Somerset County parks has a biking trail for you! You can bring your favorite mountain bike or your ten speed, as long as you bring your helmet too, you’ll be ready to have a great time!

Mountain biking has grown quite a bit in popularity and finding places where it is fully permitted to ride, that can be a bit of a concern. It doesn’t have to be though at the Somerset County parks! There are trails for those that like a smooth pavement ride at Duke Island Park or for those that want to take the Natirar Park trail loops one and two through the Far Hills portion of Skillman Park! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to E-mail park rangers at [email protected]!

Whether you choose to go hiking through the trees or biking through the breeze, Somerset County Parks offer a wide variety of fun and relaxing outdoor excursions. There are so many TV shows and electronics that take us away from enjoying the simple elegance of nature. If you are ready to get back in touch with the natural world and you are ready for a break from the everyday stresses and pressure, then it is time to head down to one of our Somerset County park locations! Enjoy some leisurely activities and all sorts of events that will have you in love with the outdoors again!

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