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Somerset County Lavender Farm Hidden Springs

Hidden Springs Lavender.

You know, lavender is said to have all of these amazing benefits! There are the anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties as well as its ability to alieve depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc. with so many amazing benefits, why doesn’t everyone have some lavender in their home right now? Well, if you live in Somerset County, don’t rush to the drugstore as fast as you can! Instead take a ride down to Skillman, NJ and give Hidden Springs Lavender a try!

About Hidden Springs Lavender!

This business was started by a woman named Marie Voorhees almost nine years ago! There are fields and fields with multiple different type of lavender growing in order to suit everyone’s specific lavender preference. There is more than just lavender here though; there is so much more to do!

There is a gift shop that has all sorts of incredible lavender products; from soaps to lotions to bears that give off a beautiful scent when you squeeze them; this is your one stop shop for everything lavender. All of the products look and smell so beautiful, I may have to stop by and get a few for myself! Open on Sundays, Saturdays, and Fridays, choose your day and get going to this Amazing Lavender farm!

Horse Boarding

Ok, we are moving on from the lavender for a minute to talk about the horse boarding! This wonderful farm will happily board your horses whether you have lay-up, retirement, or regular horses, this place will hold them and take care of them for you! The stables are cleaned daily, the hay is fresh and home grown, the water is constantly changed; it sounds like the perfect place to leave your horse before you head off somewhere else in the world! The stalls are cleaned every several hours to make sure that the horses are comfortable and happy! The stalls are blanketed in the winter, and there are fly sheets in the summer so that they are always comfortable and happy.

If I had a horse, this would definitely be the place where I would want to keep them. Being surrounded by the calming scent of lavender while enjoy a clean stable, fresh food and water, and special care?! Move aside horse, I want in on this too!

Wedding Venues

Hidden Spring Lavender farm is open year round so you can have your wedding venue there at any time! With all of the beautiful product you can give out or receive as wedding gifts, and the beautiful lavender that surrounds; why would you want to get married anywhere else? You can choose to have a more upscale wedding venue, where everyone is classy and the alpaca where their little suits, or you can have a super chill, casual wedding venue where the alpacas run fee and so do the children that are there! Whatever best suits you and what you want to see in a wedding, that is what we will do for you!

Hidden Spring Lavender Farm & Gift Shoppe 890 Route 601, Skillman, New Jersey 08558, United State

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